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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 11, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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tonight -- the awards race is officially on. who has the early lead? >> say cheese. >> and who was left at the starting line? >> there were a lot of snubs. >> we're with the golden nominees. chef mario batali, the latest to step down over accusations of bad behavior. what he's saying today that caught people by surprise. plus -- >> they call me ugly. say i have no friends. >> the bullied boy who became an overnight social media sensation. hollywood rallying to his side and the shocking turn the story took this afternoon. then the california wildfires causing more celebs to evacuate. what oprah is only tells "e.t." tonight. plus, details on taylor swift's pda-filled weekend with
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her boyfriend. and zac efron and hugh jackman stop traffic on the streets of new york. ♪ fame, i wanna live forever this is "entertainment tonight." the best from tv and film heard their names called out this morning at the golden globe nominations, and the stars are celebrating with "e.t." >> we are breaking down who's in and the surprising stars left out. it's our users' guide to the globes. >> how did you first learn the news of your nomination this morning? >> josh. he came over and said. chrissy metz. >> chrissy metz? >> did you hear the way he said the name? so cute. >> how are you? what did you do? >> we're all in our kitchen. i was singing along to boy band songs and drinking schampagne fr breakfa breakfast. >> reporter: from angelina jolie to nicole kidman and her bestie, reese. the list of noms means that the golden globes red carpet will be
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full of must-see stars and fashion. jessica biel will hopefully bring j.t. she's up for best actress for "the sinner." mariah carey and nick jonas are both up for best song in animated movies. let's not forget tv fave, "this is us." >> we were a little bit bummed that mandy, milo and justin didn't make the cut? >> of course. bummed is an understatement. >> at least it makes the "this is us" show sweet? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: that led us to who got snubbed. >> no! >> reporter: globe favorite j. law got nothing for "mother." after being nominated five years in a row, julia louis-dreyfus wasn't nominated for "veep." fans loved "wonder woman." but nothing for gal gadot or director patty jenkins. it's a what movies to see guide leading up to the oscars. emma stone and steve carell. must-see performances in "battle of the sexes ". and check this out with director aaron sorkin. >> we're so happy. >> reporter: a front-runner is "i, tonya." you have been surprising folks. do you have tricks up your
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sleeve? >> i believe they worked day and night to get it done. >> you've been surprised folks showing up. a few more surprises for fans out there? >> i do. everyone should stay tuned. i might just be popping up in a few more surprising places. >> congrats to margot and the nominees. we're beginning to see how the sexual harassment scandals in hollywood are affecting awards statements. jeffrey tambor and kevin spacey were shut out. so were their shows. they've both been accused of harassment. now, there's another star facing allegations. mario batali has been forced to step away from his production company and his show, "the chew." >> reporter: batali did not appear in today's episode of "the chew." which was pretaped before the allegations against him surfaced. the story broke on the website eater, which reports that four women accuse batali of inappropriate touching or
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groping while working for him or encountering him at events. in a statement, abc said it is taking the matter very seriously. quote -- we have asked mario batali to step away from "the chew" while we review the allegations that have just recently come to our attention. batali apologized. quote -- although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways i have acted. adding, that behavior was wrong. and there are no excuses. ironically, just over a month ago, batali shared his thoughts on how to fight sexual harassment. >> we need a complete workplace free of fear, that harbors an excellent healing of the potential of collaboration and creativity. >> reporter: the celebrity chef has built an empire worth $25 million. >> today, we did viva italia. >> reporter: "e.t." was behind the scenes with mario when "the chew" premiered in 2011. the former iron chef also hosted
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pbs' "spain: on the road again" which featured his friend gwyneth paltrow. >> we were all out to dinner one night. he was telling me how he was going to do this show. i said, i literally will do that with you. so he didn't believe me, but -- but i did. now, to the story of the day generating the most buzz. celebrities rallying around bullied student keaton jones. the story has taken wild turns today. while his viral video triggered an outpouring of a-list support, it sparked unwanted attention for his family. >> they make fun of my nose. they call me ugly. they say i have no friends. >> i just want to say you're inspiring so many people with your message, and your authenticity. >> he's such a tough cookie. i think everyone is rallying around him and loves him. >> reporter: j. lo, demi lovato, katy perry just a few of the stars standing with keaton. and invited him to tomorrow's
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hollywood premiere. >> i would love for you, keaton jones, to be my date. >> reporter: and captain america himself, chris evans extended an invite to next year's "avengers. infinity war." >> reporter: the video has been viewed more than 20 million times since the middle schooler's mom posted it last friday. >> different. don't criticize me for that. >> reporter: but now, a photo believed to be his mom posing with a confederate flag has surfaced on social media. "e.t." hasn't verified the photo. it's already triggering backlash. patricia arquette tweeted his mom needs to see her views are the same as those causing the kids to be bullied. keent's sister said her mother is not racist but a little boy who doesn't deserve to be bullied. they now find -- >> keaton, i just want to say, you're a legend. you're a beast. a boss.
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you're an icon. >> at the end of the day, all that matters is the kids. meanwhile, fires continue to rage here in california. and now the massive and out-of-control blazes are threatening homes near santa barbara. including oprah's magnificent montecito mansion. not too far away, stars like ellen degeneres and rob lowe, already forced to evacuate. >> it's really smoky. are we packed up? >> reporter: rob sharing the harrowing moments before he and his family prepare to leave their home. >> so far we're okay. got a water truck up here. >> reporter: not far from him, oprah's estate in the exclusive enclave of montecito is safe so and out of the country and praying for best for our little town. meanwhile, just south of oprah's home, ellen degeneres was forced to leash her new $18.6 million beachfront property posting our house is under threat of being burned. i'm praying for everyone in our community.
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>> nearly 360 square miles have burned. an area bigger than new york city. >> reporter: the fifth largest fire in california history has already taken one life. >> praying for the people in my area. hope everyone is getting out safe. >> these fires are something else. add katy perry's parents to the list of folks who got out. katy from santa barbara, confirmed the news on twitter. keltie here with a galaxy-sized celebration. >> they call it a "star wars: the last jedi" premier. one of its stars almost didn't make it. [ cheers and applause ] >> crazy. amazing. >> lots of exciting people every which way you turn. >> i was really nervous. like an hour ago. and then i got here and it was like, oh, my god! >> reporter: daisy wore a dark blue and white dress. adorned with studs. everyone was on the lookout for john boyega.
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he nearly got stranded in atlanta due to bad weather. >> i was in the lobby, like, guys, you need to get me a flight. i need to find a way. i considered driving. could have potentially missed the biggest premier of all time. >> reporter: the cast was excited to get to hold one very special "star wars" prop. >> do you like our light saber mike? >> i love it. it matches my dress. do i speak into this? >> and two fans you may recognize posed questions to the cast. >> all right. so here what i want to know. what's the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you to do? >> craziest. but i said no. rest assured, i said no. >> sign a body part. >> it's like, sign my belly. i'm like, no, i'm fine, thank you. >> who's the better stormtrooper? prince william or prince harry? >> they're both the dark side. i don't know about prince harry and prince william. maybe prince harry. you know, he does have a little more of a rebellious streak in him. >> reporter: both princes are expected at tomorrow's premier
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in london. mark got a jedi lesson on royal red carpet etiquette. >> when you talk to the royal family, you're not allowed to say anything that would require a response. if princess margaret says, she like the the film, you say, thank you, ma'am. don't say, what was your favorite part? >> good to know. good to know. "the last jedi" opens this friday. ah! look at this. fans have already started camping outside the chinese theater here in hollywood. >> just for the record, the wigs, our producers made us do that. >> i thought you wore that on the weekend. >> a lot of people are saying it deserves recognition. it wasn't screened in time for the golden globes. which were, of course, announced this morning. coming up, tom cruise and katie holmes' beautiful daughter suri make as rare public appearance to introduce her favorite singer. >> who is it tonight? >> taylor swift! plus, taylor goes public with her british boyfriend,
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the trevor project hosted their annual star-studded gala to raise money for the suicide prevention effort. >> a lot of youth still with us. there are groups that can help. ♪ one of our favorite performers. and who is it tonight? >> taylor swift! >> suri cruise was so excited to join her mom, katie, to introduce taylor swift. it happened at the jingle ball in new york city. that's where our nischelle turner is right now. it's the first time we have seen suri on stage like that. >> absolutely. something tells me we'll see more of her in the future. she's a natural on stage. meanwhile, we got to see a lot more of a certain someone taylor has been keeping out of the spotlight. her boyfriend. it's tay-tay's first pda with joe. holding hands on their way back to taylor's from her rocking performance at madison square garden. lindsay lohan and camilla cabello totally fan-girled over swift. but they were not her only celeb guests. kind of hard to see, but we're told riding in the backseat of tay's suv are blake lively and ryan reynolds. ♪ you're so gorgeous >> reporter: their 3-year-old daughter, james, is featured on taylor's track, "gorgeous." >> gorgeous. >> reporter: the song is about her british beau, joe. the singer was jamming at the jingle bell ball in his hometown of london. ♪ look what you made me do >> reporter: their pda tour continued across the pond. during ed sheeran's performance, joe, in a baseball cap, and taylor, were seen slow dancing, looking at each other, and kissing. ♪ >> reporter: the couple of about a year will soon celebrate christmas together. she was looking ready in red
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$1,1 ln combat boots, $1,100 combat boots. a green sequinned and velvet two piece. and those nails. back in nyc, taylor played santa to these performers. >> taylor swift left us a note in our dressing room. kind of crazy. >> i believe them. a gift from taylor swift, it's crazy, but pretty darn, cool, too. >> thank you, nischelle. well, still ahead, hugh jackman proves he is "the greatest show man, but why does he describe his home life like this? >> i'm more of an introvert. >> are you serious? and then, jane fonda's 80th birthday celebration. her surprising date. what she's telling only us about her unlucky love life. >> what have you learned about love, then? >> nothing. i'm not cut out for it. closed captioning provided by --
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that is the cast of "the greatest showman" including a blonde wig-bearing zac efron performing "fame" for an upcoming walk. actually shot it on the streets of new york last friday. let's go back there now and find out more from nischelle. likes like they went all-in. >> when they commit, nancy, they commit. i got the inside scoop at "the greatest showman" premier. ♪ fame, i wanna live forever remember my name ♪ >> reporter: hugh jackman's totally '80s tribute from this thursday's "late late show" on cbs. >> not only did we stop traffic, we stopped people working in their offices. some pedestrians didn't stop. they were not happy about it. this is new york. right? >> reporter: then hugh and company take on "the greatest showman's" title track. this, after a lightning-fast costume change turns james
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corden into the music bearded lady. >> he was ready in two. >> he said he's going to wear it for a week. he said, is that weird? i said, a little. fine. you go with it. ♪ when the world becomes a fantasy ♪ >> reporter: hugh's new musical swings into theaters. december 20th. he plays legendary showman p.t. barnum. he brings a band of outcasts together to redefine show business. do you consider yourself a showman? in real life? >> no, i'm more of an introvert. >> serious? >> i'm way more quiet. relaxed. but on a stage? i can feel very relaxed there. i don't know why. ever since i was 5, it was the same thing. >> reporter: well, we're all better for it, hugh jackman. one thing about this movie i love, you can take the whole family. it's really, really great. another film that's sure to be a holiday box office favorite. "ferdinand." it was nominated for two golden globes today. anthony anderson and gina rodriguez lend their voices. but it's expressing their voice
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through hip-hop that seems to get them both in trouble. you both just did "drop the mike." who would be the better lyricist in a rap? >> doug. >> he would go for the jugular. ♪ i know it's hard to hear but i have a burning question how do you get caught cheating and call it a confession ♪ >> reporter: anthony battled usher. and gina -- rob gronkowski. >> it will be a battle. it would be a real -- if you -- >> do we want to tell? tell them what went on? >> emphasis on battle. >> do we want to go against each other next? >> do you want to? i'm down. you don't scare me. >> and james corden? see? >> west side of chicago versus the east side of compton. bring it. >> reporter: while you wait for that, the two are in "ferdinand" out friday. lending their voices to the movie about a super clumsy bull. >> did that ring true to either
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one of you, and just how clumsy are you? >> i'm pretty stealthy. i'm a ninja. >> you're good? >> you don't know i'm here unless i come back. i put my hair in pigtails. came back in. i had multiple costume changes. he didn't know. >> didn't know. >> okay. >> she's so good. keltie, you can't even see her run behind you on the stage there, do three cartwheels, run around ten times and you never saw it. >> where is she? where is she? thanks, nischelle. now to the legendary jane fonda. hard to believe she turns 80 december 21st, but she celebrated early at a fund-raiser. reflecting to me on her eight decades of fonda fabulousness. ♪ happy birthday dear jane >> you have such beautiful fashion. >> well, i got lost in london, and i found myself in some of the ellie saab stores. i bought this for my 80th birthday as a gift for myself. >> reporter: jane's ex-husband was her date for the atlanta birthday bash. ted turner.
7:52 pm
they still remain great friends. >> i love the icon part of your love life where you have never needed a relationship to define you. >> this thing about not needing men. i needed a man to define me until i was about 70. i'm a late bloomer. >> what have you learned about love then? >> nothing. i'm not cut out for it. >> reporter: the birthday event benefited gcapp. an organization jane founded that focuses on preventing teen pregnancy. >> it's not good for a state for young girls to be having babies too son. soon. i decided to do something. the rates have fallen 66% in 22 years. >> reporter: as glamorous as ever, i shared with her a "e.t." flashback when she shared her feelings about turning 50. >> it's not like i can't wait to turn 50. that would be a falsehood. >> reporter: what's your reaction to seeing that? >> i wouldn't want to go back to 50 for anything. >> she's amazing. she was asked what she thought she would be doing when she was
7:53 pm
80. she told "vanity fair" i thought i could maybe take up gardening. yeah. but she's not at all. she's going! >> whatever she's doing, i would like to know. i want to do it, too. >> she is ain mazing woman, and has done so much in her lifetime. all right. coming up -- most of hollywood is getting into the holiday spirit. maybe not kristen bell's daughter. her mama will explain next. tonight, i'm going to get i'm not one for friendship, but here's to many more years. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> right here. right now. with you. and you. >> guess-ofi guess what i'm try say is --
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i said, is that for the holidays? she goes, it's for you. promo considerations provided by -- are you on the naughty or nice list? that is what lady gaga wanted to know as she went full elf at christmas party for the folks who work with her. we all know that kristen
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bell's voice was anna on "frozen." kristen bell posted this shot of a "frozen" ornament. she wrote, this will be the cover of my autobiography. and it will be titled, "my children keep me grounded." amen! >> they certainly do. finally, guess where we found keith urban and nicole kidman doing their christmas shopping? yep. at the target store. >> everyone is going to target. even grammy and emmy winners like a bargain. >> bye, everybody.
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